Frequently Asked Questions

1/ What is the mission of Payany?

We are creating an innovative global economic system, paving the way for a collective change towards a life based on values in common. Cooperation, ethics, solidarity and transparency are key factors to create a value for everyone. International connection is crucial for our success.

2/ What is P.o.C?

P.o.C is stand for Proof Of Contribution. P.o.C is based on the user’s contribution to the network; the amount of coin which is mined is determined by the capital deposited. Those information is stored and shown in smart contract block chain, which will be executed automatically.

3/ What make DPA stand out of others currencies?

DPA Features: DPA implements a fair value-exchange system at a global level. Our innovative Proof of Contribution (PoC) blockchain mechanism is the unique consensus algorithm developed for DPA Technical Developing Department. It requires much less energy than other block chains and also enables faster transactions. We are proud that DPA is now the most transparent, ecological and resilient cryptocurrency available.

4/ Is Payany a project of a certain country such as Singapore, Korea or Japan?

Payany is a project that serves global communities. We are recruiting many talented personnel from every country to contribute to a common good. Although, the first office of Payany is located in Singapore, but we do not stop there, as we’ve planned to expand our service to every part of the World. We proudly state “Payany is an International Project”

5/ Does Payany intent to create the fastest transaction coin?

DPA was developed under ERC-20, a technical standard used for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Together with the implementation of P.o.C, the transaction speed of DPA can be consider fast enough for all types of transaction. We do not intent to create the fastest transaction coin, our intention is to create the most value coin.

6/ How can I lend a hand on developing Payany?

There are many ways to help us Payany to reach out to people. You can:
- Use DPA as a means of exchange.
- Accept DPA in your shop, support your local business or use DPA online.
- We are constantly looking for skilled people who want to help in developing Payany.
- Join in our marketing force in other to help us spread the good news.